Hi, This is DD Devin of Deevine Intervention Lifestyle & Nutrition Health Coaching. I’d love to share with you What is a Coach and why you might want to hire one. I am trained at mastering Habit Change, but ohhhh, there’s sooooo much more!!!

A coach is definitely someone who can help you set clear goals and intentions and outcomes… so saying in 90 days from now, this is what I want my body to look like, or, my reality to look like this, or here’s how I want to feel…and so we can set very specific, achievable goals in a certain time frame, and having a coach give us the right support and the right accountability….not to mention the Right Steps in the Right order…. so that’s a very sort of the practical benefit of having a coach… but I want to talk more about the emotional benefits, of having someone usher you through facing your fears and insecurities….

….letting go of the past, because most of us have some of our past trauma located in the future which makes it really hard to go forward, right? If we’re afraid that something bad is going to get us in the future, because it got us in the past, that it’s really hard to move forward… so a coach, can help us let go of the past, and a coach can help us own our personal journey, rather than feeling guilty or ashamed of it,

You know many of us are carrying around regrets about why didn’t we start something sooner, or, I don’t know why I got into the wrong relationship, or, we picked the wrong career, or we ended up in the wrong location, made some Big mistake… and a coach, can really help us on our journey rather than feeling guilty or ashamed of it…so whatever has happened to you, that we take back our power in it!

A coach can also help you harvest wisdom from life devastations or disappointments… that everything that happens to us, is, in one perspective, designed, to make us better… it’s Perfectly orchestrated for our evolution… so if you were to see everything that has ever happened to you as not happening To you, but happening For you… on behalf of the next stage of your evolution, then you can go: Oh my gosh! what is this experience meant to teach me?

How is it meant to shape me? how can the worst thing that ever happened to us become the Best thing that ever happened to us? and, whether it’s happening in the moment, or, when we’re still closed to the difficult experience, it’s too soon, we can’t just jump to watch the ‘what’s the shining light in the dark tunnel’….we actually do have to go through some pain 1st… and then the rising!


A coach can help you reclaim self-worth after abandoning ourselves…usually to someone else or to gain approval.


Coaching can help teach you how to communicate and honor your boundaries and needs without apologizing or being scared of the outcome. Oh my gosh! this is such a big one! I mean how many of us know what we need, and what we want, without running it through the filter of someone else… like is this OK? or am I going to be retaliated against or are they going to judge me or criticize me, gaslight me right?….

….Minimize my desires and needs as unimportant or unnecessary…and I’m not going to be able to stand up for myself …or I just go silent, or their voice is bigger… you know that sometimes people say in relationships, that the one who cares most wins… and so there’s sometimes a more dominant voice in the relationship, and some of us go silent. we get lost, we lose ourselves we abandoned ourselves, and so the antidote to self-abandonment is knowing your boundaries and honoring them.


Not from a righteous place, but from simple, from: this is what’s True place.


Coaching is also about exposing the lies that we tell ourselves…so if we tell ourselves that we’re nothing, and why do we even bother trying… there so many other people who are better than me at whatever, it’s like, I’m such a loser or I’ll never feel free, I’m always gonna feel trapped, or I’m inadequate in some way…..

That’s really at the baseline what it ALL comes down to, is the lie of inadequacy. When we tell ourselves that I’m not good enough for whatever…not good enough for a loving relationship, I’m not good enough to enjoy life, I haven’t yet earned the right to be happy…. these are all lies,

I’m too fat to be lovable, another common lie, right? Wow! So, a coach can help us expose the lies and embrace a more loving compassionate truth…

so, I think at the essence of coaching, is about falling in love, with taking impeccable care of yourself!


Having a coach is about falling in love with our number one purpose in life… which is to take impeccable care of ourselves… and that is not just a physical, not even just an emotional journey, to me, that’s a spiritual journey!

If we are spiritual beings inhabiting a physical form, then This is the grand purpose on this journey to actually take impeccable care of ourselves…. and then, every action we take stems from that! From that Deevine purpose.

No, it is not a must to have a coach, and yes you can get yourself to a higher potential without a coach also, but with a coach, you will get there quicker, better, and most importantly with more confidence!

If this sounds like something you’d like to be engaged in, I invite you to a free discovery session with me and see if we’re a fit for each other.