The Transpersonal Nature of Coaching.

Coaching is an incredibly powerful tool to support the grounding of transformation into reality.

Transformational Coaching aligns with the knowledge that we are all so much more than bodies, egos, suffering and struggling. We know that each of us has incredibly powerful, untapped resources. This style of coaching brings their clients to their highest potential, beyond fears and resistance. And, they know how to tap into that richness and do so through inquiry. When deep inquiry is integrated with authentic curiosity and heart felt compassion, transformation occurs.

Individuals doing transformational coaching have knowlege of the transpersonal. They have a sense of their connectedness to all beings. They see the infinite beauty and well-being in everything and everyone, or at least they are practicing to see infinite beauty and well-being in everything and everyone. When you can see the beauty and perfection in everyone, you can distinguish those aspects of being human that do not support spiritual evolution. You can see the defense mechanisms and strategies that protect the fragile ego and displace the spirit-self. With practice in distinguishing these strategies from the essential being of their own humanity, through transformational coaching I empower you to do the same.

Your ability to notice and distinguish your own practices of coming either from your essential Self or from your survival mechanisms, gives you enormous power to choose. You will naturally pass this on to your family and friends, and everyone else with whom you come in contact. You will see how effortless it can be.

Coaching asks people to push themselves beyond their comfort zone into unknown territory. It asks them to take actions, relative to their ability, that may seem impossible and maybe terrifying. Moving outside one’s context and living from a place beyond what the logical mind and ego says is possible is taking leaps of faith. And, you do so only because you say so.

Individuals are viewed as whole and complete in the field of coaching. The process of coaching empowers clients to expose, reveal or discover interpretations that have been limiting a wider range of actions, which would allow for desired result to occur. It focuses on being, which often seems ineffable and unknowable.

The coaching process trusts the client to be able to distinguish her own truth from beliefs and interpretations that have been passed to her. It also trusts that she can make clear, effective choices that will enable her to reach her desired outcome. The client feels safe and supported while she practices experiencing living in her whole being and essence.

Clients create their own reality through their beliefs, interpretations and the actions taken. This idea goes beyond standard ways of thinking about reality, yet this is a principle of coaching that is extremely valuable. Without it, clients would not practice being accountable for their lives, for their well-being or their happiness.

There are models of coaching which are very pragmatic, based solely on actions and results, leaving the essential being behind. The results of this form of coaching generally are not transformative and the results will fade over time. Creating a container that acknowledges the transpersonal wisdom of each client provides a more expansive and yet safer environment for him to discover and reveal his true nature and his true ability to create the life that is desired.

The intention of this form of inquiry, is to truly serve the clients in revealing, recognizing and acknowledging their essences, the survival mechanisms and strategies and the strength and courage inherent in their being, which allowed them to come this far unaided. Through coaching, they are supported and empowered to choose alternatives so as to generate results that serve them to live life effortlessly and fully.

My life has changed dramatically because of my client’s wisdom and courage to move ahead into unknown possibility. I want to meet them at every turn with integrity, openness and allowing. What I request of them I request of myself. It keeps me honest, truthful, and trustworthy. Not all coaches work this way, but it’s the best way I know to grow myself, feel good about myself and enjoy the ride as I go; not to mention that my clients benefit from my willingness to continue to expand and stretch my edges.

Each of us carries stories around with us and desires to share them with whomever is interested in listening. Many of these stories define who we have been in the past. And, through their telling, they continue to define who we are in the present and who we will probably become in the future. These stories actually don’t serve us if we want to generate a new way of being and a new way of acting. These stories only remind of us of who we were and of the circumstances that occurred in the past. In order to generate new possibilities, it is necessary to eliminate from our repertoire those stories that reinforce what was impossible for us at a previous time. Again, the focus of coaching is the outcome desired at this present moment. What needs to shift in order for actions to be taken so the results will be realized? Stories of the past failures and “awful” circumstances generally reinforce our interpretations of what is wrong with me, you or it.

Through coaching, individuals are distinguished from who they think they are in order to free themselves from limiting interpretations. A valuable tool for this purpose is to distinguish the story people tell about themselves from who they are presently. They are not their stories. If they are going to move into possibility they need to practice creating new dialogues and conversations with themselves and others that reflect intention, commitment and accountability for what they want to have occur in their lives.

Dropping the stories that support the old patterning is a great practice for clients. It is sometimes challenging because of the loss of identity that may occur with relinquishing the story. Often, leaps of faith need to occur for the client through these transitions. But that is what coaching is all about: relinquishing the stories and conversations that no longer serve the unfolding life of the possibility that is wanting to occur. Coaching supports clients in redefining themselves in such a way that they actually are generating themselves and their lives in a wonderfully creative way. There is value in telling stories and there is value in relinquishing the stories. It all depends on the intended outcome.

If you are committed to experiencing a life that is fulfilling and meaningful, it won’t happen by choosing compromise as a strategy. It just won’t happen!

Seeing clearly how you choose to choose what you choose, which has your circumstances be what they be, empowers you to understand the depth of the choice-making process, which you are immersed in and enmeshed in; to the degree that you don’t even know that you don’t even know. Through investigating your choice-making process, you become empowered to choose in alignment with your highest good and your highest truth. To discover and explore available options to choice-making you empower yourself to choose effectively, only in service to what you want.

Realizing how you are being with what is, in all domains of your life, which includes desires and unfulfilled desires, allows you to choose to be aware of all of what influences you to choose to choose what you choose. Cultivating awareness, through noticing, empowers you to clarify and discern what is true, what perceptions, memories and unconscious social norms make sense and which ones actually encumber your growth and happiness. You can actually choose to relinquish any interpretation or belief and choose new one’s that support the outcome you are wanting.

Getting clear about what is like to be in the midst of a dilemma also allows you to choose to be different while in the dilemma. Resentful, withholding and angry, may be the way that you have been being. Now you can see that, that may not be in service to your highest truth and highest good. So, you can begin to explore other possibilities. You can begin to practice choosing to stop those thoughts and actions which bring about feeling of –in this case, resentful, withholding and angry. You can begin to see how you chose to choose to feel that, and you can begin to explore other ways that may be preferable. It’s all up to you!

People who have practiced detachment have learned to discover and strengthen specific muscles that allow them to willingly penetrate and explore the edge of reason of their current paradigm. They face personal demons in dilemmas that surface throughout everyday life. They choose to see things differently so their intentions may be realized. It isn’t that they are fearless and courageous beyond measure; it’s that they are curious to know what lies beyond the signpost that reads: “DANGER: DO NOT ENTER.”

Expanding one’s repertoire and capacity to choose differently when facing unknown territory and dead ends is the practice. Immerse yourself in your Domain of Universal Source/Oneness and engage the wisdom and essential truth to guide and assist you into more expansive and effective way of being. Time and time again, this may require a leap of faith. You are scared, just like the rest of us; however, you have the capacity to act, regardless of the fear.

The foundation of all dilemmas are universal. Who am I? What is important enough to risk security, stability and invulnerability?

If what you want is security, stability and invulnerability, let go of the dream and surrender it to the heavens. Release the angst and worry of having it and feel the relief of living in the safety of what is, now.