Hello, What’s Up, What’s Up??? DD Devin here with Deevine Intervention Lifestyle & Nutrition Health Coaching!

Have you ever wanted to change your life and have No Clue where to start? Have you ever felt like, your life is just not working for you…but Stuck, in Groundhog Day? Repeating the Same experience, over and over and over again? And thinking….WTF…a hundred times a day and think….How Did I Fall Into This Hole AGAIN!???? Arghhhh!!!!

We sometimes have Absolutely No Idea what we’re doing, or, whether our strategy is working for us? Our culture doesn’t teach us these things! There’s no Transformation 101 Class in High School.

We’re asked to Embark on this Wild Ride called Life, with neither an instruction guide or Any sense of When or How to change.

So, I want to Welcome you today, and I want to talk to you about Transformation!

Let’s begin with What Transformation is Not! Transformation is not merely the absence of problems….It’s Not a Conquering of What you Don’t Like. It’s not just a Temporary Breakthrough, or Epiphany or what I call a ‘Fake through,’ where you have some Peak Ecstatic Realization, where you think, “Now Everything’s Going to be Different!!!”  And then you find yourself back in the same Pot hole….again.

So that, is what Transformation, is Not

So, What Is Transformation?

One of the ways I like to talk about Transformation in Simple Terms is, Transformation, is a Letting Go, and, a Letting In.

A Letting Go, and a Letting In.

So, just Be with that for a moment. And see, if you can Experience Transformation.

Letting Go, and a Letting In.

So, in my Transformational style of coaching, has a couple of assumptions….2 things I want to talk about right now is:

One, Your Experience of Life, is a Product, of your Beliefs! I’ll talk more about that in a moment….that your experience of life, is a Product of your beliefs.

And second….That you can Have Any Experience You Like, if you Align with the Supporting Beliefs, that would Allow that experience to be true for you!

So the transformation, from my training and personal experience assumes 2 key things; The first, is that Your Experience of Life, is a Product of your Beliefs….and the second…is that you can have Any experience you’d like, if you Align with the Supporting Beliefs that would Allow that Experience To Be True For You!

Ok, so let’s take this further…..All Experience is Available at All Times!

Do you believe that All experience is Available at all times?

It’s like the World is a Giant, Dark, Warehouse, Filled with All Potential experiences, and your Beliefs, are like the Flashlight, that allows you to See What’s Available! OK?

So, Imagine, you’re entering a dark warehouse, now, in the dark warehouse, is Everything you might want: It might be the Body that you want, it might be the relationship you want, the partnership, the money, the finances, the recognition and respect….it could be the confidence…..Alllllll of that is Available in this warehouse.

And your Beliefs, are like this little flashlight, right? And what is in the dark, we can’t see….it Doesn’t Mean It Doesn’t Exist! It just means that we’re not noticing it!

Now….the more Flexible your Beliefs, the more Range you can Access!  So All Experience is Available at All times! That’s the premise that we’re going on for this conversation.

Just Most of what’s Available, is going unnoticed….Because, we have Beliefs, that limit our possibilities…that we Perceive, that limit our perspective.

So….this Business of Beliefs….How it Relates to Transformation! Let’s talk about what Is a Belief, because Beliefs are a Key Core of transformation work!

So, what is a belief? In etymology, Belief has the Root Word of BE-which means to Make or to Cause, and then LIEF, means to make valuable. So, to believe something means, to Make it Valuable or to make it Dear.

So, when we’re Believing something, we’re Making, or Causing That Thing To Be Valuable!

Now, Beliefs, are the Basis of Identity. And Identity, is How we Know who we Are!  Who are You? Well, you’re a Constellation of Beliefs! Your Experience of Life, is a product of your beliefs….About Self, about what you believe about Others, and, the world.

And, you’ll notice, when someone is feeling stuck, They’re Usually Believing Some Version of: I don’t get to have what I want! Or, life isn’t fair! Or, I haven’t yet Earned the Right to be happy! I haven’t yet Earned the right to relax…like, I haven’t done enough to relax….Or, I haven’t Succeeded enough to reward myself.

What are some other beliefs you might notice when someone’s feeling stuck? How about Scarcity? I’m not Enough. I don’t Know enough. There’s not enough to go around.

Stuckness, comes from Perceived Scarcity! Not enough Time. Not enough Money. Not enough Energy. Not enough hours in a day! Not enough love. Not enough Safety. And This feeling of Scarcity, Informs All of our Decision Making.

So, if you believe no one will buy your product, then why bother putting yourself out there? Right? So if Effort produces Failure or Rejection, so you’re not likely to Expose yourself to that after awhile. Right? It’s like putting your head in the snake pit.

If you Believe you don’t know enough, or are good enough, then you won’t feel congruent charging for your services. Of if you don’t actually believe that your product or service is not actually worth it, then you won’t likely get yourself into conversations that would have you make that offering.

Then you’ll go like my life is a waste of time or my schooling or my experience is useless, I can’t make any money….but can you see where there’s Misalignment In between What you Believe,  and what you’re experiencing?

What about this feeling of, It’s All up to me? Like, the World is on my shoulders. If you believe, it’s ALL up to you, that you HAVE to do it All by yourself, that asking for help would be an imposition or a Burden, that you Can’t rely on Anyone else….then, you are more likely to Isolate yourself.

And Further….if you Believe you Haven’t Earned the Right, for. Ongoing support or that you don’t Deserve it….then you’re more likely to beat yourself up, tell yourself you are a fraud or imposter and Hide because you fear someone will Find you out and expose you.

This Takes and ENORMOUS Amount of Energy to MAINTAIN these kinds of beliefs. It is WhoooHoooo, It is Draining!!!

So these perpetuation Beliefs, start to Eat away at us and lead to Burnout, Adrenal Exhaustion, Not giving yourself permission to rest, or to have a Voice, or to be visible….Constantly living in Survival mode….and we have a Real hard time getting out of that! It’s like it gets Stabilized in there because we keep repeating the Same beliefs!

On the other hand, when someone adopts the beliefs that Supports the life experiences that they Want, they Transform Into who they want to be Now!

In other words, they’re Different, without having to Think about how to be different? It’s Automated more, when they’re Beliefs are Supporting the life experience that they want. Right? Then it just runs automatically! And, it frees up So Much Energy from me constantly doubting and beating myself up and berating myself for not being better.

Then I have a lot more creative energy, and Confidence!

So, when you adopt beliefs that support life’s experiences you want, things start to fall into place. Your choices and Actions are Automatically Aligned with Who You Want to Become Now!

So, instead of telling yourself an Untruth, I like to call disempowering beliefs, Untruths…So, instead of telling yourself an untruth, like, nobody wants to hear what I have to say….you Grow the Belief, that, People just can’t wait to hear what I have to say. And, what I have to offer, is the Perfect Match, for some people.

Or, where I’m at in my personal development is EXACTLY the right stage for what I’m supposed to be experiencing at this time.

So, our Beliefs create our experiences and our Experiences will Confirm our beliefs. Or Our Beliefs Dictate our Experience, one of the Key pieces of transformation, of What is Transformation that we are talking about today, is our Beliefs dictate our experience, so it follows…..that IF we Want to CHANGE our EXPERIENCE, we Must Let Go of the beliefs that are no longer serving us, so that we can LET IN beliefs that are aligned with the experience we want to have.

In ANY Area of our lives.

So let me ask you a question. What is One Area, of your life that you would like to experience Change or Transformation?

Is it in your business, your personal relationships, your marriage, your money? What is an Area, that you would like to experience transformation?

Now that you have that in your mind, What is One Belief, that you are HOLDING, that Keeps you Stuck?

And EVERYTHING that comes out of your mouth is a Belief! You can’t really speak without stating beliefs. See I just said one, everything that comes out of your mouth is a belief. And, we can’t speak without stating beliefs, see that’s a belief.

It’s Really Hard to speak without Actually stating a belief.

Everyone is Communicating their Beliefs All The Time! We’re just not usually noticing that.

So, what is One Belief that you are Holding that keeps you stuck?

It could be something like, my body is broken, or I don’t deserve to be happy, I don’t know enough, I have to work hard to make a living, I will not amount to anything.

Now, that you have it, let me ask you, is that an Empowering Belief, or is it a Disempowering Belief to keep alive?

Now! If it’s Disempowering….Let’s Question It! Because Beliefs, are just Thoughts, that you Keep On Thinking!!! And you have the ability to Question your thoughts, Question your Beliefs, and when you Do, New Possibilities Open up! It’s when we Hold them as Absolutely True, that keeps us Stuck! Stabilizes the Stuckness! Stabilizes the Rut!

And by Questioning our Beliefs, we can Destabilize the rut, which is a really really good thing to doJ

So is it Empowering or Disempowering and if it’s Disempowering, Is It TRUE?

So, is it True, that you don’t deserve to be happy?

Is it True that you’re inadequate? How can you know that it’s True that you’re inadequate? How can you know that it’s true that you’re inadequate? I bet that there’s an area of your life where you have evidence you Are adequate! If you were to look.

Is It True?

Ok, now Let’s turn it around!

Here’s a Mastery Level Transformational Coaching Question….

What Might You Have to Let Go Of, In Order To Experience a Different Reality?

What Might you have to let go of, in order to experience a different Reality?

Well…..You Might have to Let Go of the Story, the Narrative that you’re telling yourself about Why you don’t deserve or get to have what you want!

Often, in Belief/Change work, I find, what keeps people from moving forward, is the Disempowering Story, they’re Keeping Alive about Whey they Don’t get to Have , or Can’t Have, what they Want, or Be who they want to Be….AND, as we Let Go of Those Beliefs, and Let IN the More Empowering Beliefs, we begin to align with the reality we want to be experiencing.

So, let’s turn this around Again: What Might Someone Believe, in order to experience the Reality that you might want to be experiencing?

So, as you look around you, is there someone else that you know, someone like you, who Is Experiencing the Reality that You want to be experiencing? A feeling of worthiness, a feeling of confidence, or competence. Or, financial wealth or abundance.

So, you might know someone, or you might just have a sense of that, and, What Is It That They Are Believing that Allows Them to Have That Experience?

So what Might someone Have to Believe in order to the experience of what you want to be experiencing.

So this one is not so much about the Letting Go, it’s about the Letting In! What Might you have to Let In? What Belief? What Belief, that would allow you to experience as This reality?

How about, I am Loveable,

I am Deserving,

I have the Right to Need,

I have the Right to Make Mistakes,

My personal favorite: Money Grows on Trees

So, this is just a small taste of how I work with my personal clients to Embody Transformation. If you would like to take your health or lifestyle to the next level of transformation Please feel free to reach out to me.

It was my pleasure to be here with you today.