I hope your day and more importantly your life is moving along as you planned…but not surprisingly….we are creatures of habit, and it’s easy to stay stuck in a pattern, mostly, because even though it’s not awesome or great, it’s survivable, and we think, in order for things to change or be different, we have to suffer in order to get what we want.

 I just want to say up front that You are, Already, Perfect! Exactly as you are!  I don’t’ Want to change anyone, and I hope you don’t!   But, we can all Grow! 

Growth is life giving, it’s inspiring and Very very exciting…. to reach, and be, and do all the things you never ever thought you were capable of doing!!! That is the Best part of my job seeing people become more happy and fulfilled.

A lot of people ask me, “What is a Health Coach?” Well, imagine having a personal trainer for your habits!  Because, if you change your Habits, you change your life!  A health coach makes it easy to follow through with what you already know you should be doing.  And helps you build healthy habits that align with how you want to feel every day.           

A health coach helps their clients feed their opportunities and starve their problems. And, being healthy really means looking at everything we digest, above and beyond just the foods that we eat, our nourishment is the air that we breathe, the sunshine that warms our face and the interactions we have with other people….but Most importantly, however, is the relationship that we have with our self! Because let’s face it, we’ve only been given this one body, one vessel in which we can experience and relish our existence on this wonderful earth. And….a little attentiveness and self-care can go a long way.    

 The number one question people ask me as a professional health coach is, What should I eat?  And the short answer is, “I don’t know b/c I’m not you!” but, together,  we’ll figure it out! What to eat is only One part of the equation: There is also….Why are you eating? Who are you being when you eat? When are you eating? Where are you eating? And How are you eating? There are as many diets on the planet as there are people. What’s healthy for one person, may not be healthy for you. So, Your perfect way of eating,  is not necessarily somebody else’s perfect way of eating.   

 Diets are not  useful as dogma, however, they are useful as a reference!  There are different factors,  that affect the way that you’re metabolizing food, and the way you’re creating the experience of health and freedom in your body.  So we can take the intense pressure off that  “WHAT” question, let ourselves, relax a little bit.  I help people to be able to do that, and not have to walk around worried about lists of foods and strict restrictions. What we’re always looking for in our relationship to food, and really anything, is fluidity, and flexibility vs rigidity.  Rigidity is ‘it must be this, and if it’s not this, it’s wrong.’ stress, stress, stress.

Fluidity is, okay, things move and shift, and change, and that’s part of being human, and, that’s okay. And I have tools to navigate that, and I have tools to help other people navigate that. 

 If you’ve ever considered getting additional support and accountability around your health and lifestyle habits, I have offerings at all levels, from weekly and seasonal cleanses, to a 4-week jump start or a 90-day total body transformation programs and even a few done for you, on-line at home programs that are donation based, as well as many free informative articles, videos, inspiration and advice to help propel you to the next highest version you have of yourself.

 I invite you to check them all out on my website or sign up for a free clarity session to see how I might best be of service to you.