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Walk Your Talk: Go from Being a Goal Setter to Goal Getter – One Step at a Time.

Tell me, Luv. How’s that New Year’s resolution working out for you?

Maybe you’ve been…

  Wanting to “get back in shape” but keep putting it off & promising you’ll get to it tomorrow?

Daydreaming about how awesome it would be to feel fit, slender & sexy in your body (and say see-ya to those random aches & pains), but just aren’t feeling going to the gym & dealing with the high fees, awkward exercise classes or expensive trainers with their rigorous programs designed for people ½ your age?

  Daydreaming about how awesome it would be to feel fit, slender & sexy in your body (and say see-ya to those random aches & pains), but just aren’t feeling going to the gym & dealing with the high fees, awkward exercise classes or expensive trainers with their rigorous programs designed for people ½ your age?

Attempting to work on your fitness alone, but secretly wishing for an easier, more fun way to get fit?

….Sound about right?

The good news is that even though the year IS halfway over, it’s not too late to try something you’ve never done before, to get the results you’ve never had before!

What if you could:






Get in the most fantastic shape everrrr


Learn how to live healthier in body, mind & spirit


Achieve more of your goals (in #alltheareas–including your New Year’s resolutions!)....

All while “getting your steps in” with other like-minded ladies in your very own favorite (but often neglected) backyard beach?!

Well, listen up, Luv. It’s so possible.


Walk Your Talk: Go from Goal Setter to Goal Getter–One Step at a Time

What it is:

Walk Your Talk is a 6-week small group experience designed to help women like you create a healthier lifestyle through transformational health coaching (the psychology behind ‘real’ habit change), physical exercise (earthing on the beach), spiritual awakening (meditation) and emotional connection, support AND accountability (conversation & sharing).

But this isn’t just a cool way to get your steps in (although it totally is), it’s a complete self-care circle where you’ll experience a full-tilt transformation of your mind, soul and body. (As I like to say, it’s basically the new book club, but waaaay better for you. And on the beach!)

Here’s how it goes down:
We’ll meet every week for 6 weeks at Strands Beach to do the following: walk barefoot on the beach to breathe, de-stress & earth (plus “get those steps in”), receive a mini-health coaching lesson pulled directly from my Signature 90-Day Total Body Transformation Program in bite-sized bits that are easily digestible, do a short-seated meditation to deepen our intuition, connect with other like-minded local ladies in a sacred sharing circle where each woman gets to express her feelings openly & honestly & finally, walk back to where we began & receive 1-3 simple action steps to take before our next walk to ensure we’re moving forward on our goals.

I like to think of it as like minds getting healthy…together.

By the end of the 6 weeks, you’ll feel more empowered, happy, fit, energetic, positive and hopeful than you have in ages–and like there’s nothing in this world you can’t handle. You’ll finally feel like you’re taking control of your life…and embracing that THIS time of your life can be the BEST time of your life!

(Oh, and don’t fault me if you almost don’t recognize yourself when all is said & done. That can happen when you finally start living your life on purpose, being your most magnificent self and effortlessly walking through doors that didn’t even exist before. You’ve been warned!)

Here’s exactly how Walk Your Talk works…

♥ You show up to Strands Beach every week at 9 am on whatever day works best for you for two glorious hours of ME time! (Coffee in hand is cool, just don’t forget your beach towel!)

♥ We kick things off each week with a mini-health coaching lesson from an expert health coach (aka Master of Habit Change)–Me. 😉 Lesson topics are centered around the secrets to creating healthy habits–from weight loss to stress relief to emotional eating to self-care to regaining energy & sex appeal & verve for living through a natural, sustainable and joyous approach–without giving up wine, chocolate or Havarti cheese, of course. 😉 

♥ Next, we’ll meander our way down to the shoreline and sink our toes in the sand for our barefoot walk on the beach. During our walk, we’ll breathe deep, de-stress, earth (aka connect with the ground below us–that’s where the barefoot part comes in), get in the gentle cardio we crave & obviously, chat, laugh & just live alongside each other. (All while feeling the wind in our hair, the sand between our toes & the tickle of ocean water on our cheeks. #bliss)

♥ Once we’ve “arrived,” we’ll plop down for a beautiful 10-15-minute seated meditation & circle share. My desire is that we’re not just connecting with ourselves, but each other. My goal is that your Walk Your Talk group develops into a close-knit community of like-minded ladies where each member feels safe & supported to express her true feelings on a wide variety of topics & intimacy & deep friendships flourish! Research has shown that an open forum like this–especially held in an unconventional (& quite awe-inspiring) setting–should allow you to share and express yourself in ways you haven’t in ages. Permission to be exactly who you’re meant to be? Granted.

♥ Then, refreshed, renewed, re-energized & seriously self-expressed, we’ll walk & talk right back to where we began. We’ll close each session with an action step or tiny piece of “homework” to complete for the following week. This homework isn’t hard–promise!–but it will be fun, motivational & keep you excited & inspired until we see each other again! (And I cross-my-heart, every walk & talk will set you to have the best week ever…no matter what that week holds.)

♥ Then, the following week? We’ll do it all again, except we’ll feel even closer to each other & to ourselves. Not to mention, even better in our ever-evolving, always-getting-stronger bodies.


Intrigued? Don’t wait to sign up!

This is a small, intimate group capped at 8 women per group. Spots WILL go fast!

Sign Up Today

So, what can you expect to get from all this walking & talking?

Here’s a peek at a few changes you’ll walk away with (pun SO intended)…


Less stress.

There’s something about walking with the ocean breeze in your hair and sand in between your toes, surrounded by open-minded women that just melts stress away like sunscreen on a hot day. Oh, and our weekly meditations definitely help here, too!


Radiant health inside and out.

Our weekly health coaching lessons will help you learn tools to keep both your brain & body in tip-top, tantalizing shape.


A wildly more positive mindset & outlook on life.

Just imagine feeling more grateful–even in the midst of trials & tribulations!


Friendship and connection

WYT members tend to cultivate relationships as deep, beautiful & serene as the Pacific we walk alongside.

“In every walk with nature, one receives
far more than he seeks”
– John Muir

Just imagine if…

You could truly SEE how perfect & beautiful you are.

Your attitude & energy were positive & sky-high & you could FEEL just HOW MUCH there is to live for.

YOU were inspiring friends & family with your positivity & centeredness.

You were doing things you never thought possible–whether that’s physically, mentally or even spiritually.

You consistently felt pulled toward your goals instead of pushing so dang hard!

You woke up genuinely excited to start each fresh, new day with purpose and passion, excitement, and enthusiasm.

That’s life after working with me.

But don’t just take my word for it, Luv.

Here’s what past clients have to say about working with me:

Dee-Dee has been an amazing influence in my life. She is a dedicated and educated professional who will always give you 110% in whatever role you need her. She offers support in many encircling, comprehensive ways. I highly recommend her.

Linda H.

Dee-Dee is a phenomenal mentor and coach in all aspects of health and self-care. Her wisdom and experience shine through her warm, professional attitude and approach. She is easy to talk to and really guides you toward your goals using reflection to help you find clarity. She helps develop attainable, measurable action steps that really make an impact. Coaching with Dee-Dee will leave you feeling empowered, grounded, and refreshed.

Lynne S.

I was so inspired that a woman my age with four children could look and feel as great as she did. I hired Dee-Dee as a personal trainer but then she started to spend some time using her coaching techniques on me and took me to a place of “self evaluation” like no amount of therapy has ever done for me. I am a person of MANY words (I’m a hairdresser), but seriously I cannot truly describe what she did for me.

I looked and felt the best I had in 25yrs. I felt like I was finally starting to gain control of something in my life… myself.  We women INVEST in everyone but ourselves. And at some point, it just starts to show. I believe that If we look like we do not VALUE ourselves we are telling others we are of no value. We all know this is NOT true, but people by the “picture first” then read the story. “What’s your cover look like”? Lead by example and be the first one to INVEST in you. Because you are VALUABLE and so very WORTH the INVESTMENT.

Sami S.

Dee-Dee is an inspiration to all whose lives she touches.

She has been my friend, personal trainer, guide and counselor through the 15+ years we have known each other. A few years ago, I was sitting in my backyard one morning, drinking coffee and observing my beautiful rose bushes and ocean view; but being in a very despondent state, I was unable to appreciate any of it. Suddenly a vision appeared before me – beautiful pinkish clay stepping stones carefully placed in front of me, leading to the end of my yard and beyond my sight. I was puzzled, then realized it was a vision from God to stay hopeful and continue my journey through life with faith in the future.

This experience reminds me of Dee-Dee – as she has brought me through many, many circumstances, convincing me to believe in myself and this beautiful world we live in. She can be your “stepping stones” through the journey you desire to experience – goals, aspirations, understanding – but most of all she will help you to believe in yourself and remind you that your “perception” of yourself and your life will be “Your Reality” – you can trust in her.

Denise D.

I have more energy at the age of 52 than I did at the age of 25, and I have Dee-Dee Devin to thank! Not only am I totally healthy, but I feel totally sexy. And for that, my husband thanks you too!



I Created Walk Your Talk Because Life Truly Does Begin at 50–if You’re Doin’ It Right!

How can I be so sure? Because I’ve done it…and supported lots of other women as they’ve done it, too.


Dee-Dee DevinHi Luv! If we haven’t met, I’m Dee-Dee Devin, certified Transformational Lifestyle and Nutrition Health/Life Coach and founder of Fabulous Over 50 Total Body Transformation Program.

It’s true: My life did begin at 50, because that’s when I finally grew up and took charge of what serves my highest purpose and started practicing the steps that I’m sharing in Walk Your Talk!

Today, I am ‘that woman’ who has relentless amounts of energy, who LOVES waking up to each new day and who can eat all the chocolate I want without gaining a pound. I have 4 super creative, spiritual, healthy, independent grown children, a heavenly husband and a 6 pack! (WTF! Why would I lie?) Oh, yeah and I’ll be 60 this year. Basically? I Walk My Talk and Feel Frickin Awe-Mazing!

But things weren’t always this incredible. It took me 15 years as a personal trainer (I started at 40 – a feat in itself!) to realize that beating myself up in the gym and obsessively counting calories was NOT for me.

After awhile, I got SO sick of watching the same people (myself included) kill themselves at the gym, lose a little weight and then pile it right back on that I knew something had to give.

Eventually, I “got” that I can’t “hate” or “berate” myself into good health. Instead, I figured out I had to do the opposite: unconditionally & extraordinarily love myself, if I wanted true health, happiness and wholeness .
Unfortunately, I’ve noticed that MANY women have SUCH a hard time making themselves a priority. They have a hard time investing in themselves, believing that they’re “worth it”–or worse, they constantly think that things won’t work for them.

That’s why I wanted to create a (gorgeous) and affordable space for women to put themselves first–to socialize, express our ideas, get to know other like-minded ladies AND get fit, healthy & toned at the same time.

I knew we needed more than a book club. We needed a beach club. 😉

So, Walk Your Talk was born!

Walk Your Talk is the total package. It brings together everything you need to live a healthy lifestyle inside & out, from exercise to stress reduction to diet to lessons on loving your body, self and life. (Oh, and did I mention it’s SUPER fun, too? Oh, I did?! 😉 )

It’s truly the culmination of everything I’ve learned during my last 20+ years of education and experience in exercise and nutrition and lifestyle, identity, beliefs and behavior change.

And if you’ve ever thought about health coaching, but wasn’t quite ready to take the plunge? Walk Your Talk is a risk-free way to test the waters when it comes to health coaching and habit change, without a huge investment but with the same incredible results. Plus, you ALSO get the community element, which means additional support and accountability from other women–aka the two main components of habit change! You’ll even make new friends–a natural extension of baring our hearts on the beach with one another–which is really just the icing on the cake…or salt on your martini! 😉

So listen, Luv. I clearly believe DEEPLY in your worth. I know it’s NEVER TOO LATE to make changes. And I know YOU CAN DO ANYTHING you set your mind to.

The only question now is…do you?

Let’s go get your goals!

YES! Sign me up!

The Need-to-Know Details:


Tuesday mornings for 6 weeks, 9-11am.

Tuesday, August 6th – September 10th, 2019

Strands Beach off Selva Rd. Dana Point (drive straight in and park immediately). We will be starting atthe picnic tables overlooking the cliff.


♥ Pre-walk mini-health coaching lesson (Potential lifestyle session topics include: Building intuition and start to recognize the signals of your body, learning to recognize self-sabotage and replace destructive habits with nourishing habits & techniques for managing stress and stepping into your personal power, and so much more!)

♥ Barefoot walk on the beautiful Strands Beach. We’ll breathe, de-stress, ground ourselves into the earth & “count those steps,” too!

♥  10-15 minute seated meditation & guided circle share where every participant will get her chance to open her heart & express her true feelings in a safe (and sandy) space

♥ Homework & simple action steps to work on between walks. But this isn’t boring or stiff stuff–these tiny tasks will keep you pumped up & motivated until we meet again & help you change your habits for good!

Investment: $300 for 6-weeks

Sign Up Today

Ready to kick off your metallic sandals and sink your pedicured toes into the sand as you walk & talk your way to a healthier body & a calmer mind (while making a few fabulous friends along the way)?
YES! Sign Up Today

And that’s not all! 😉 You’ll also score the following FREE swag at your first meeting:

♥  Walk Your Talk backpack to stash your shoes in while we’re barefoot on the beach

♥  32 oz. water bottle (because hydration is everything)

♥  Gorgeous-yet-functional journal to store notes, takeaways & action steps

Oh, and one more thing: Our 6 weeks together isn’t actually the end.

I’m so confident that you’ll love WYT–and that you’ll also want to continue your journey–that I want to make that as easy as possible for you!

See, once you complete WYT, you’ll have created a new baseline of BEing. Whether you’ve completely crushed your original goal, or found some new ones along the way, you’ll be thinking and doing things differently. So? You’ll have the option to continue our work together & springboard into another 6 weeks of completely new, really fun lessons, which will help you deepen and strengthen your new habits–& dream even bigger, so you can start to accomplish exactly what you wish in this lifetime. The fun & expansion doesn’t have to end!

Walk Your Talk is perfect for you if...

  • You’re a woman who is 40+
  • You’re looking to lose weight without crazy, knock-you-out-for-the-week-kinda workouts
  • You want to feel better in your body. (You don’t have to be a fitness buff or gym rat to walk with us–you just have to want to feel healthy!)
  • You wouldn’t mind a few like-minded friends to chat, share & walk with
  • You need accountability to get things done (plus you KNOW it’s more fun)
  • You KNOW it’s YOUR TIME–to be “selfish” with your desires, to get back in touch with who you are & do your family and friends a favor by giving them your A-game (and not a tired, resentful, frustrated version of yourself!)

If all that is you, gorgeous…get in now before it’s too late!

Each group is capped at a maximum of 12 like-minded women who require, desire and deserve change!


So, are you ready to make yourself a priority and walk your talk?


Don't Be Shy

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.