Since we’ve all been forced to re-evaluate our health, I thought this would be a perfect time to share some insights with you, on How to Improve our health and manage our stress using food!

I serve primarily women, who are ready to learn how to make themselves a priority, without guilt or shame, heal their emotional eating, eliminate their dependence on sugar, reach their healthy weight, regain their energy, reclaim their sex appeal and verve for living, through natural, sustainable, and a joyous approach WITHOUT giving up wine, chocolate or Havarti cheese!

As a health coach, the Number one question everyone always asks me is, “What should I eat?” And, the long and short answer is “I don’t know.” And the reason I don’t know is, because I’m not You!

What I eat could be poison for you. There are as many diets on the planet as there are people…and the One diet that works for you is Your diet.

Unless that is of course if you want to Gain weight, then I’d recommend any fad diet out there because none are sustainable, and you may lose a few pounds in the beginning, but you will eventually always gain more back when the diet is over.

I don’t know what you should eat, but together, we will figure it out, and, I have ways and means of doing that. Which does include, your age, sex, job, likes, dislikes, allergies, sensitivities, metabolic, blood, genetics, hereditary. ALL that plays a role in what you should eat.

But….that’s Only One piece of the puzzle…There’s also Where are you eating, When are you eating, WHY are you eating, and Who are you Being when you’re eating????

Everything in our life is considered Nutrition. We hunger for love, we hunger for play, we hunger for entertainment, we hunger for creativity…..What we Eat, is actually considered secondary nutrition.

Our Primary food, is our Relationships, Our Spirituality, Our Physical Activity and our Passion, purpose or career.  Food can fill you up, but it cannot Fulfil you. And when your life is fulfilling, food loses its magical mystical appeal. You eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full.

I am a lifestyle and nutrition health coach but I tend to talk a lot about lifestyle because how you do one thing, is how you do everything….but for the sake of time and our topic today, I am going to share a bit about how to heal ourselves with the ‘Who are you Being question’ around food! And hopefully, leave some time for questions afterwards.

The Number one Needle Mover in your health, Meaning, the number one thing you can do that Changes Everything, that has the Biggest impact…..drumroll…..Is managing your Stress!

If I had a nickel for every time, I heard somebody say, ‘I don’t have enough time’ to eat healthy or exercise, I’d be a very wealthy woman…but what they’re Really lacking, isn’t time, it’s Energy!

People have no energy for anything. Especially when you have places to go and people to do,

but they can barely get through the day….which creates More stress!

When we don’t have our health and we aren’t feeling good, it’s really hard to do anything and it’s hard to create the kind of life we want.

And even if you Did have the time and energy to eat healthy and exercise when it comes to disease, and healing, Food can seem quite complicated…and the more you read, and hear and learn about it, MUAH, the more confused & dizzing it can become… and I want to reiterate, that the first thing to understand, is that the Food you eat, is only One part of the healing formula…which we already talked about is When, Where, WHY and another way of saying your Who; is Your State!

And what do I mean by that? I mean, What State is your body in? Is it in a state of Stress? Or, Is it in a state of Relaxation? And it’s a Crucial question to ask, because, I want to suggest, that the Foundation, of All Healing, is moving the body, from a state of stress, into a state of relaxation.

That’s the MAGIC right there!

And as I teach my clients in my health coaching practice, that there are 4 kinds of stress that I’d like to go over each one with you now!

First, There’s Biological and Chemical stress.  So….in the processes, internally, in the body, we can experience Stress when things are Off!

So, you might have Digestive stress, you might have unbalanced Blood sugar that has you feeling Amazing, and then crashing, then feeling Amazing, and then crashing…

A Lack of sleep, can cause biological or chemical stress, Lack of Water internally can cause stress. Lack of Fresh air and Unhealthy environment can cause stress in the body.

So That’s the first one, Biological/Chemical stress.

The Second one, is Mental and Emotional Stress. What is that? That’s in our Beliefs, in our Thoughts, and in our Feelings. And the thing that’s Really interesting about mental and emotional stress, is that the way we Perceive something, is what creates a stress response, or can have us feel better.  So, our Perception, can have us feel worse, or better!

And the Thing that’s happening, that thing we’re perceiving, is actually not as important, as our Perception! So, in other words, the thing that’s Happening, is Less important, than our Reaction to it, and the Meaning that we’re making about it.

This is a little something again, I teach my clients is….how our Beliefs, or our Biography, can create our Biology! This is sort of a ‘secret sauce’ I’ll talk a little bit more about that in just a moment.

But let’s go back to our Mental & Emotional stress….so we’ve talked about the way we Perceive things, so that can cause us stress, or make us feel better. The other thing that really causes us Mental and emotional stress, is the Greatest Epidemic of our time, which is, Isolation! Isolation! And research has shown, that Loneliness, is as Lethal as Smoking 15 cigarettes a day! And that people need to feel connected, they need to feel belonging, they need to feel a part of a community. And That’s why it’s crucial to get support and accountability around becoming the best possible version of yourself even if no one around you gets you, or gets it!

Okay, so now for the Third source of stress that we experience. We’ve talked about biological and chemical, the processes of the body. We’ve talked about the second, which is Mental and Emotional….that’s in our Beliefs and our thoughts and in our feelings….

And the Third, is Spiritual!  And what I mean by Spiritual, is really our sense of Connection to that which is Greater. All of us, we all have different definitions or belief systems around that which is greater. For some, it’s Jesus. For some it’s Universe. For some, it’s Buddha.  Everyone has a different version of that….but, Whatever Your version is, what can happen, is we feel as much as we might feel Passionate about Universe, Jesus, Whatever, we can sometimes lose our connection, and almost have a crisis of Faith! Or feel like God forgot my address. Or Forget, That We’re Never really Alone in life.

We’re Always being guided and supported by that which is greater.

But, when we’re having stress, we can feel like we are alone. And of course, that’s a terrible, terrible feeling.

Ok, let’s look at the fourth kind of stress we might experience, and that’s Structural!  And that would be in our Bones and in our Muscles and some example of that might be like, Back Pain, or Neck Pain, or Injuries, or an example of structural stress might be Breathing issues. Maybe you have a deviated septum in your nose, and it’s really difficult for you to breathe…and there’s issues that result from that.

So, what we have is: Biological/Chemical Stress, Mental/Emotional Stress, Spiritual and Structural stress.
In my health coaching practice, I focus on the first three! Biological/Chemical, Mental/Emotional, Spiritual, the Structural I leave to chiropractors, and physical therapists, people who work with the body, in that way.

So, let’s talk about those first 3. What’s Happening in the Body, when you’re experiencing Biological and Chemical stress. When you’re experiencing Mental and Emotional stress, when you’re experiencing Spiritual stress…….

Stress……Any of those kinds of stress, is going to affect, something called the Autonomic Nervous system.
Autonomic Nervous System.

And you can think of the autonomic nervous system like: Automatic!!! Because it’s the part of our nervous system, that operates our body without us having to control the operation…It’s like breathing, heart-rate, digestion, elimination, etc.

The autonomic nervous system is Also, the Primary Mechanism, in Control, of our Fight, or Flight, or Freeze response.

When someone is feeling scared, or threatened, they’re either going to fight back, they’re gonna run, or they’re gonna go Awwwww Freeze and panic like a deer in the headlights. Right?

So, the autonomic nervous system, is responsible for this fight, flight or freeze response.

Now, this autonomic nervous system, has these Two Branches.

And, these two branches, are either going to Turn on these stress responses…fight, flight, or freeze….or, they’re gonna turn Off the stress response. So, Relaxation! Right?
And the two branches are The Sympathetic Nervous System, that’s the stress response and, the Para Sympathetic Nervous System, that’s the relaxation response. For the sake of simplicity, I’ll just refer to it as the Stress response or the Relaxation response.

And the Important thing for us to Know, is that All Sickness Happens, In, the Stress response! In the sympathetic nervous system. All Sickness happens there.

All Healing happens in the Parasympathetic. In the relaxation response. And let me give you an example of this and how it plays out in digestive issues, which is Useful because, 60 to 70 million Americans are affected by digestive issues.

So, when it comes to digestion, what happens, when the stress response turns on? All of a sudden the body’s stressed……the stress response turns on…..Digestion, turns Off! It has to! Cause if a bear is coming After you, your body is like, no no no, we don’t have time to digest a Snickers bar right now, we gotsta run…or we gonna Die! Ha ha

So, your body’s gonna reroute blood from your stomach to your brain for quick thinking and to your arms and legs, for quick moving, it’s gonna increase adrenaline and cortisol, it’s gonna increase your heart rate, it’s gonna dialate your pupils, it’s gonna create shallow breathing, and it’s gonna get your body into the State, of high alert.

So you can run, so you can fight, it can even allow you to freeze….

But Here’s the thing that’s important! The Brain cannot differentiate the difference between Real and Imagined stress….so you could have the experience of I’m being chased by a bear but it feels the same as OMG I’m sitting in traffic and I’m late to pick up my kids from school…or your boss yelling at you or a fight with a friend.

So….if you can imagine, that when you’re eating, your brain can’t tell the difference between real or imagined stress, you eat food and your scarfing a turkey wrap, at lunch or at work, or you’re in the car trying to eat, like a sousvide egg from Starbucks, a Really healthy thing…

but, when you’re in a stress state, (you’ve had the experience of having food sit like a lump in your stomach? Like it feels like a brick?)  And that’s what’s Happening, because, the stress response is on, digestion has turned off, and the bodies like, no no no, we can’t digest right now. We’ve got to save ourselves!

So the stomach is Waiting for the relaxation response to kick in again, and the body starts to feel, like, ok, you’re safe, you’re not about to be eaten, it’s ok, we’re gonna lower the heart rate, we’re gonna get everything back down to normal, bloods gonna go back to the digestive system again, and here we go……

If you, or  if you know of someone, who has really skinny arms and legs, and larger around their mid-section?  There’s a pretty good chance they’re in a chronic state of high or low stress….

So, what this means for healing, this is just an example, digestion, but what it means for Healing, is Profound! And it Means, that good nutrition, is only Part of the Equation, when it comes to experiencing Optimum health!

Being in the Ideal State, to digest and assimilate food, is the other half.

Food is Important, don’t get me wrong. It’s Very Important! But if you are able to get into a better State, where you are reducing mental and emotional and spiritual stress, that Actually goes a Long way to Helping that Biological and Chemical stress.

It doesn’t help it entirely, there’s still two parts to the formula….The State that your body is in, AND the Food that you eat! And you Can get pretty incredible results Even if you don’t change Anything that you eat. If you can just learn to manage your level of stress and move from stressed into relaxation.

There certainly are people who are eating the healthiest food, they’re doing all the healthy things, and they’re like, “I don’t’ understand why I’m not getting better” and, It Is because it’s only Half the equation! You Still have to reduce the Biological and Chemical Stress. The Mental and Emotional stress. The spiritual stress.

And, that’s Another reason why when life is stressful…and we have stress coming at us from all angles, that we have to Double Down on Self-Care!

Otherwise, the stress starts to eat us alive, and it’s going to destroy the digestive system, and the nervous system, and the endocrine system, and the immune system…and before you know it, your body is on Full Tilt!

So….Even if you Have a Complex health issue, or you have a family member that has a complex health issue, just remembering, moving from a stress response, to a relaxation response, IS the way to Heal. That IS the foundation of Healing. So….How do you Do That?

I have a whole toolbox of ways and means to do just that but for now….

Let’s talk about 3 ways to do that…How to move from Stress to Relaxation using Food….and we’ll continue for just a couple more minutes here…

So, let’s look at a couple of ways to use food to heal, and these are actually quite simple.

The First one, is to Balance Blood Sugar! So Important! If we can just keep our bodies from having a Biological High and a Biological Low crash, we’re gonna be in Great Shape! This is the main reason I hear Repeatedly that So Many people want More energy!

So we have to potentially look at, How are we Causing Exhaustion? And one of the ways we could be doing that, is by Not managing our blood sugar….and the Way to do that, is by Balancing, Macro Nutrients….Carbs/Proteins/Fats! Balancing them in Every meal or snack….we could also talk about meal timing, and making sure you’re eating at regular intervals….because We Like Variety, but our body likes Routine! So, the Body Wants to Know, Hey, I’m getting the fuel that I need, and I know it’s coming, every 4 to 5 hours.

So, the way I do that with my personal clients is, something I call, the Magic Plate. Which I will leave a link below this video or you to download a have a copy of….Basically, it’s my answer to the My Plate. The FDA’s dietary suggestions…you can look it up where they show suggestions of what to eat….

but the thing about that, is, you know, Government Recommendations, are Not Meant for our Health!

They’re Meant to Promote, the Profits, of the Food Lobbyists, who pour a Ton of money into the government, so they’ll say, that Dairy Belongs on every body’s Plate. In reality, 70 percent of people All over the World cannot digest dairy! So really?

Pardon me, I have strong feelings about that.

So, what I have in my training, is something called, ‘The Magic Plate!’ And the magic plate, is a very simple way, to Balance, Protein, Carbs and Fats, so that you’re keeping your blood sugar stable at every meal and snack…alright….

Let’s go to Number 2: So, now that you have a Magic Plate, you have a good Balance of the Macro Nutrients, What Foods do you put on there?

What Proteins, What Carbs, What Fats? And One thing I want to suggest….a Simple simply way to look at that is, to Focus on Counting Chemicals, and not calories.

The More we can Decrease the Toxic Load on our Bodies, the Better!

There are Over 77,000 man-made chemicals in the United States, and our bodies were Not Made to process that level of toxicity.

If you were to go on Google, and look up pictures of spraying pesticides on crops, you’re gonna see pictures of like Hazmat suits! It’s Crazy! What? We’re gonna Eat that food? It’s Nuts! What ends up happening, is that your liver just cannot keep up. It can’t detoxify all the chemicals that need to be detoxified! It Can’t filter the blood properly. Right?

So, What we want to do, is say, Okay….I Can’t be in Control of Every Environmental Toxin in the world, that could make me crazy….but I Can be in control of what I eat. Am I Always going to eat Perfectly Organic All the Time? No! But, if I’m able to do that More often than Not, especially with the Dirty dozen, and the Clean 15, that you can get from the Environmental Working group which is essentially a list of….Here are the list of foods you really should eat organic, the highest in pesticides….and here are the foods…it really doesn’t matter so much, like, you’re gonna be alright if you eat them conventional.

I like to think of it like a spectrum….On this end of the spectrum we have Farmer Jane’s, Organic, Home Grown, In Season, Fruits & Vegetables…..and on the ‘other’ end of the spectrum is Pringles Potato chips…which is a list of 100 chemicals and which non are actually potatoes! Where can I get Closest to Farmer Janes, Back yard, Organic, In Season fruits and veggies?

But we Get To Choose, Not to Load ourselves up with More toxins if we don’t Have to. And, this is something that is So Important, to have a health coach who can teach you how to go from eating a toxic diet to more of a whole foods, less processed diet, not only for the Sake of Health, but to Start to Change the System….because the Consumer, Does Have Power!

If you notice in the food industry, How many Organic, small Batch, Local, like Non-GMO, and Lots of Food Manufacturers, Big Ones, are purchasing Small companies, places that produce products like that, because consumers are Demanding it! Every Dollar you Spend is a Vote! We Can Vote with our Forks!

Ok….and then the Third way to use food to Move the body from a state of biological and chemical stress to a state of relaxation is something I call in my health coach practice something I call, Phasing in to Phase Out.  And the concept of this, is actually 2-fold.

When you eat more High Quality, Real Food, then That food is more Nutrient Dense. So, when you eat it, your body’s actually Getting Nutrients…versus, eating a lot of processed foods, the body’s really not getting nutrients….so it’s going, “I’m Hungry!” I Need More!”

Right? I can Have a box of cookies, but. My body doesn’t feel satisfied. That’s one of the reasons we have so many obese people is that they are eating Empty Calories! Our hunger mechanism will Not Shut Down, until our bodies are Nutritionally Satisfied….because I didn’t actually have the nutrition that the body needs. You Need Carbs, You Need Proteins and You Need Fats!

Just like your car, you Need Gas, you Need oil, You need water….you just can’t run on gas alone.

But it Has to be coupled with…I say this is two part…it has to be coupled with getting the body into a state of relaxation before you eat.

So, if you have High Quality, Real Food…Let’s put the formula together:

Magic Plate: Balanced, Protein, Fat, Carbs!

Plus, High Quality Food…less chemicals

Plus, Slowing down, and getting the body into a state of relaxation when you eat.

That’s a really interesting formula…a really Effective formula, for how Food, can be a Healing tool, for the body.

Will this Heal Everything? No…but a Lot of people will get an Enormous amount of benefit just from this sort of System. As a health coach, I’m not a doctor, I’m not diagnosing, I’m not prescribing, I’m not a nutritionist, I’m not a dietitian…..what I do, is help people Create the habit, of eating in such a way, that they’re getting their body into the Optimum State for healing to occur.

We don’t heal people anyways, the body heals itself, but we can help the body get into the Optimal State!

So here’s the Macros, Here’s the meal timing, Here’s the kind of food you want to choose, Here’s how you slow down and let your body relax so you can Assimilate the nutrients that you’re eating…..Now, you can have a Whole new experience, with food, and a Whole new way of feeling good….and, by the way…this kind of formula that I’m sharing with you will optimize for more Energy, as well.

Because now, you’re not dealing with blood sugar craziness, and you’re helping your body digest more efficiently so it’s not using up all of it’s energy trying to digest either.

So that’s all I’m going to say about that for today, and Please, I’d love to hear what’s resonating with you? Leave me a comment or DM me personally.

Thank you for listening, It is my passion and I know there’s a lot you could be doing with your day, so I am honored to have spent this time with you.

To your Best Life Ever,