Speaking Engagements Transformational Coach, Dee-Dee Devin


How would you like an expert guest speaker at your next corporate meeting, business luncheon or women’s group at no charge? Dee-Dee offers real insights and inspiration on a variety of hot topics! Lectures are 60 min in length.


Detox 101

This presentation begins by creating awareness around our daily toxic exposure and symptoms of toxicity. Then leads into actionable steps that you can take to reduce your toxic exposure.

Kick Your Sugar Cravings

This presentation focuses on underlying physiological and emotional reasons behind sugar cravings, and practical action steps to help you take control over your sugar cravings.

Emotional Eating

Lose the self-sabotage and internal struggle and gain back the quality of your life. Let go of your preoccupation with eating and weight loss and move towards a more rewarding and healthy balanced life. Feel better about yourself, lose the insatiable appetite for food and come to peace with your body.

Deconstruct Your Cravings

When we feel cravings, our bodies are trying to send us a message that we need something.  Something is out of balance and needs to be corrected. So it’s important to really deconstruct your cravings so that you can fuel your body with what it really needs.

Learn How to Love Yourself into Health, Happiness & Wholeness

This rampant lack of self-love takes the form of physical affliction…obesity, addiction, and the myriad ailments which have at their source unresolved emotional issues. The wound is great. For many of us, loving ourselves is our greatest emotional problem.

Learn How to STOP DIE-ting and Start Living

Are you Struggling with Emotional Overeating? Binging? Yo-Yo Dieting? Constantly Making Poor Food Choices? Are you sick of the restrictions, the rules, the constant stress about what to eat and when? Stop Fighting Yourself. Stop Blaming Yourself. End the constant war with food and body size.

Food Sensitivities

Are you filling your tank, but running on Empty? Learn how certain foods may be at the core of your chronic fatigue. Learn the difference between a food allergy and a food sensitivity — and why food sensitivities may be draining your energy, even if you’re eating “healthy.”

Nutrition for Energy

Boost your Energy, Naturally, in 30 Days: so you can enjoy life, be more productive and get your ‘spark’ back. Tips Every Busy Person Needs to Know.

Relieving Mood Swings, Depression and Anxiety with Nutrition

This presentation discusses the cause of mood swings, depression and anxiety, what personal risk factors to watch out for, why our diets are causing these problems, the three causes with nutritional implications, and lastly six ways to regulate mood with nutrition

Weight Management/Secrets to the Losing the Last 5 Pounds

This presentation targets those who are frustrated with dieting and failing, and show you the secrets to losing the last 5 to 10 pounds with lasting changes.

Secrets to Graceful Aging (No Botox Here)

This presentation reviews health and wellness concerns that are common to the senior population – weight management, energy, mental clarity, bone health, skin health and easy cooking on a budget.

Stress Management

This presentation starts with an understanding of stress, then discusses the health implications of stress, how to use lifestyle changes and nutrition to reduce stress and explores various adaptogens that are effective in stress management.

Thrive (Not Just Survive) This Holiday Season

Topics covered: How to avoid weight gain, how to booze, snooze, manage your stress and boost your immunity.

Boost Your Immunity This Cold & Flu Season

This presentation starts with building awareness on why we get sick more often in the winter season. Then introduces nutrients and foods that help boost immunity, also includes foods to avoid, herbs to use, and introduces the importance of gut health in supporting good immunity.

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