Autumn Cleanse with Grace

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  • Daily protocol with step-by-step instructions
  • Recipe booklet with simple, delicious fall recipes
  • Cleanse boosters (non-food strategies to enhance your cleanse)
  • Guidelines for creating a cleanse friendly environment before you begin
  • Special exercises to help you clear what is not working in your life and to invite new energy in
  • A daily e-letter from me for 7 days, straight into your inbox. Each letter will contain a little bit of cheerleading, food highlights and a few extra surprises.

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The Autumn Cleanse with Grace is a 7-day cleanse + seasonal meal plan designed to detoxify your body by eating the way we were meant to eat: with the seasons.

We think of spring as the archetypal season for cleansing—spring cleaning, spring detox, spring yard sales—but autumn is actually the more appropriate season to think about purging the old. Just like the tall maples, we must shed our leaves and cleanse before the winter. A fall detox cleanse will help to stave off seasonal colds, keep your immune system healthy, and prepare your organs for the colder months ahead. Best of all, the fall cleanse doesn’t require a straight-up fast.

The autumn cleanse is all about the lungs and the large intestine. In both alternative and conventional medicine theory, these organs are linked to skin and breathing problems like asthma, eczema, rashes and dry skin—all of the most common things to ail us in the colder months.

And what about the Grace? This autumn cleanse gives focused attention to mind-body medicine and the impact that your thoughts and energetic patterns have on your physical symptoms. In addition to the food plan, daily lifestyle exercises are included to create transformation in these other areas.

A good fall cleanse is like tuning up your car for the winter. By taking the time to care for your body now, you can enjoy the seasonal changes knowing that your system has been revitalized and prepared for the times ahead.

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4 reviews for Autumn Cleanse with Grace

  1. Vickiy

    The discipline of the cleanse has helped me get back on track with my healthy eating habits and it jump-started my weight-loss again. An added benefit I did not expect is that my joints did not hurt. Clearly I am sensitive to something and I can play detective as I put things back into my diet and figure out what I should avoid.

  2. Cindy B.

    Results from the cleanse included jump starting my weight loss (I lost more than 5 lbs!), having more energy, feeling in control of my cravings, eating healthier and just making changes. Extra bonus: my husband was very supportive and lost weight too!

  3. E.R.

    I allowed my body to speak to me, rather than me always speaking to my body. My greatest achievement in doing this cleanse was that I successfully completed my first cleanse! Aside from realizing the intentions I set out for myself, I experienced many other surprise; benefits…the overall feeling of calmness I felt the majority of the time,being mindfully aware of the food I was eating and eating in a relaxed state. During the cleanse I allowed my body to speak to me, rather than me always speaking to my body.

  4. Jane K.

    I lost 8 to 10 lbs, feel lighter, and look better. I have received many complements on my appearance since I finished. My sugar and chocolate cravings have all but disappeared. I have learned to enjoy a variety of fresh vegetables in my daily lunch salad. Thanks!

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