Let’s face it. Poop happens. It’s what we make of a poopy situation that counts. Sure… we can crawl under our misery, never lifting our heads to the light that beckons us. That’s always an option. Or, we can be like the lotus. We can make the best of our crummy environment and rise above. The meaning of the Lotus flower is about aspiring to express, to live, to share beauty.

I don’t know why, but for some reason, humans often thrive when faced with brutal circumstances. This perplexes me. I often wonder why are the bad times more giving of lessons and change than the good times? Why can’t we learn from joy? I suppose it’s because we need to squat in the crud for a while so we can be motivated to get out of the bog. I mean, we can’t really know good until we know bad, right? I think that’s a prime message the lotus provides. Lotus proves we don’t need everything all joy-joy, happy-happy, clean and tidy in order to meet our goals or succeed. Nope. Lotus unfolds her exquisite beauty from the boggiest of bogs. Lotus makes the very best of a grimy situation. Lotus refuses to be put down. Lotus insists on growing, and growing with class. We can do this too. Lotus is proof.

I am a woman of “mid-age”,  going through what many refer to as “mid-life, and all that that in tales.  During this timeframe I meet Dee-Dee and was drawn to her amazing energy. I was in a place of “transformation”, trying to use all that was accruing in my life as fuel to force myself to get through it and not around it. I hate working out but

I was so inspired that a woman my age with four children could look and feel as great as she did. I hired Dee-Dee as a personal trainer but then she started to spend some time using her coaching techniques on me and took me to a place of “self evaluation” like no amount of therapy has ever done for me.  

I am a person of MANY words, I am a hairdresser, but seriously I can not truly describe what she did for me. I looked and felt the best I had in 25yrs. I felt like I was finally starting to gain control of something in my life…. ” myself”.  We woman INVEST in everyone but ourselves. And at some point it just starts to show. I believe that If we look like we do not  VALUE ourselves we are telling others we are of no value .  We all know this is NOT true, but people by the “picture first” then read the story.  “What’s your cover look like”?  Lead by example and be the first one to INVEST in you.  

Because you are VALUABLE and so very WORTH the INVESTMENT.


Ladera Ranch, CA

I have known Dee-Dee for several years, but not until recently have I sat down with her and gone through personal emotional issues of mine.

She was able to pin point where my wrong thought patterns about myself originated from, and gave me the tools to stop the madness of self-hate, which seems to be an epidemic right now!  

To be able to love and except myself and to start treating myself this way has freed me from a constant prison of guilt and shame and self-depreciation.  I know now without any doubt, that I am good and deserve goodness in my life!  

It’s so much fun to watch my life change, now that I’m able to have proper thoughts on who I am and why I’m here.

Thanks again Dee-Dee, without you I would still be a prisoner to my mind.

Andrea Knaak

Costa Mesa, CA

I have more energy at the age of 52 than I did at the age of 25, and I have Dee-Dee Devin to thank! Not only am I totally healthy, but I feel totally sexy.  And for that, my husband thanks you too!

Darlene Evans

San Clemente, CA

Dee-Dee is a phenomenal mentor and coach in all aspects of health and self-care. Her wisdom and experience shine through her warm, professional attitude and approach. She is easy to talk to and really guides you toward your goals using reflection to help you find clarity. She helps develop attainable, measurable action steps that really make an impact.

Coaching with Dee-Dee will leave you feeling empowered, grounded, and refreshed.

Lynne Spitzer

San Juan Capistrano, CA

“What’s the worst that can happen?”  That’s what my life coach Dee-Dee Devin would say when I voiced anxiety about problems I was encountering.  So break it down, what is the worst that can happen?

It was through straight talk like this I was able to set priorities, stop procrastinating, stop criticizing, and find purpose and joy in my life…and lose weight and feel Great! 

Every session with DD had a purpose or intention.  We worked hard on exercises to relax and calm the mind.  DD encourages you to be active, get outside, eat healthy, be more spontaneous, try new endeavors, use your words to get what you need from others, but most of all to live life everyday as a happy gal.  It was if a switch was turned.

Now when I start to feel any negative thoughts creeping in, I channel DD’s voice and turn the thought around.  I feel at age 60 a new beginning, every day a new adventure.  Be good to yourself, invest in yourself, spend some time with DD Devin!

Andrea Fitzpatrick

Dana Point, CA

I have known Dee-Dee for more than 10 years, watching her evolve from an excellent fitness trainer to gradually incorporating “nutritional” counseling, “physiological” education, as well as “psychological well-being” guidance. She has exemplified the role model of how to live a life that is healthy, happy and positive. She puts 110% into whatever endeavor she pursues and the results are self-evident.  

I consider it a blessing to have her as a friend and mentor.  

Linda Dillon

Laguna Niguel, CA

I was look for someone to get me back on track, after years of taking care of everyone else (family). I had forgotten how to take care of me. After talking with Dee-Dee she helped put life back in ME, and I started taking care of ME and finding self-love. Once you find self-love it all started to fall in place. I enjoyed every step of my journey with Dee-Dee.

Jan Larnard

Laguna Hills, CA

I was looking for a trainer that would help me stick with an exercise routine, and that was it for me in the beginning, soon enough she made me discover a side of me that was not developed, not so much for the great trainer that she was at the physical level, but for the help and encouragement in other aspects of my life,

I was able to accomplish things like my first triathlon, not so much for her help with the physical but spiritual and emotionally.
Ana Schram

Laguna Niguel, CA