Hi, This is DD Devin from Deevine Intervention Lifestyle & Nutrition Health Coaching. Today I wanted to share with you about what happens when personal growth drives us apart from the people we love….

and here’s the thing; what I have found is many people hide their personal growth journey because they’re afraid of what other people will think, and the consequences of that, is that the other people start feeling excluded, and resent the personal growth journey because they have deep-set insecurity, that they’re going to be left behind….

So, the antidote to that is to lean in, and share it with them…. And say hey, I’m learning this really cool stuff I wonder if you wanna listen to this with me or, I wonder if you want to attend this workshop with me, or hear something really cool that I learned today? Is it OK if you know every Tuesday night before dinner or during dinner that I get to share with you one piece of what I’m learning so that you can feel a part of it because I really want to share this journey with you….

Because it’s that Exclusion that feeds the naysaying! People feel excluded from your journey and that could be your mom your sister or your aunt, partner or significant other…there watching you develop and grow, probably a stronger sense of self maybe you’re getting healthier and looking vibrant and they are confronted because maybe they have habits and they’re worried that you are going to judge them….

But if we start to include them and make the invitation then maybe we get to be a model of inspiration, for them to grow and change to that they see something possible for themselves, versus seeing themselves as alienated for it.

And sometimes, personal growth does mean growing apart. When you change yourself, your relationships may change, and what if that were actually OK?

It doesn’t make you a bad person, it doesn’t make you mean or uncaring, but the alternative is shrinking yourself to fit into a space you’ve outgrown. And you don’t want to shrink yourself to fit into a space you’ve outgrown because, that takes us back to selfabandonment and when we abandoned ourselves in an effort to show we’re committed to, or that we care about someone else, there is an abandonment in that as well!

You want to build healthy boundaries with love! Saying no to something or someone also means saying yes to something or someone else!

We might say, like oh God if I’m really honest, it’s just easier not to talk about my personal growth journey with anyone than being exhausted by the backlash…..

But the minute that you start speaking the truth and taking a stand for what you believe, in growing a little bit of a thicker skin, just knowing your true North, then the anxiety that’s been weighing you down is lifted….

because some part of you has been hiding or holding out in fear of retaliation or disappointing others so on the road to personal growth, it’s always something that we need to let go of…. some of us need to let go of the need for approval, some of us need to let go of our fear to let go of our commitment to fear, and put ourselves in a position to be supported by the universe not needing someone else’s approval, to self authorize personal growth.

To me the journey of selfauthorizing is no longer needing, whatever I’m choosing, to be right for anyone else now that doesn’t mean that we make other people not important or we abandoned them, It’s just that you know we can consider the impact our actions will have on other people, but we remain authentic. Right? and true to our own inner compass.

And if you choose to leave someone who is not going on your journey, remember that you are not leaving them behind. You are allowing them to stay where they are at.

The last breath you take is yours alone. No one’s going to the coffin with you. You go there on your own so don’t fall into the regrets of the dying.

in a study, the number one regret of the dying was living the life somebody else wanted of me rather than blazing my own trail!

Yeah, so give yourselves permission to be your true!