Hi, This is DD Devin from Deevine Intervention Lifestyle & Nutrition Coaching. With the holidays fast approaching I am on a role to kick my cravings to the curb before they get out of control. A few of my most recent posts were on doing a 5 day sugar challenge and/or a 3 day plant based reset…which you can find on my fb page which is always a great head start to kicking not only sugar cravings but any craving.

I first want to start out and say that if you do have cravings of any type, it’s Not a sign of low-willpower or self-control. It’s simply your body talking to you and trying to get your attention.

It’s funny how all of us get very frustrated by our intense cravings.  We can’t control them, we give in to them, and then we feel guilty and bad and then need to eat again to make ourselves feel better and you see where this is going…  It happens to all of us.

For many people especially women, its chocolate and sweet desserts.  For other’s it’s salty and greasy foods.

But what most people don’t know is that there is a very good reason for those cravings!   Your body is a Super- Computer! It knows when to go to sleep, when to go to the bathroom, how to maintain a temperature of 98.6 degrees, how to keep the heart beating, and how to heal itself when wounded, how to make a baby for God’s sake!!!

But in order for your body to do all of its functions, it needs the right nutrients, proper rest, and love….and  when we feel cravings, our bodies are trying to send us a message that we need something.  Something is out of balance and needs to be corrected.

Our body is Always looking for homeostasis! So it’s important to really deconstruct And Trust your cravings, so that you can fuel your body with what it really needs.

This way you will avoid over-indulging, and spare yourself the feeling of guilt.  Here are a few things that might be out of balance, and are creating your cravings.  Try addressing these first before digging into the cookie jar!

They may mean you are nutrient deficient therefore craving sweets for quick energy.

They may mean you are mineral deficient therefore craving salt.

They may mean you have a slow digestion due to the standard American diet (also known as the SAD diet) and need bitter food to cut through your bodies fat and stagnation in the body’s organs and digestive tract.

If you have a craving for heavy saucy Chinese food, it may be your body asking for the healing properties of pungent flavors to act as a digestive aid if you are constipated or smoke; as pungently flavored foods enhances the function and healing of the large intestine and lungs.

Do you crave Spicy Food? So much standard American food is lacking in flavor because it’s been on the shelf for such a long time and is stale, bland and tasteless. This kind of food lacks vitality, energy and aliveness and includes added fat and cholesterol. When people eat this kind of diet for years, the body can become overweight, and stagnant. Blood becomes thick, or viscous, and circulation slows. As circulation weakens, organs and extremities become cool. At this point the body may start craving spices.

What Texture or Consistency are you craving? When craving something creamy, consider if you’ve had a lot of bread, crackers or other baked flour products recently. When eaten in excess, these foods create feelings of dryness and stagnation and can also make us feel stuck, hard and irritable. When we reach this state of imbalance, we very often crave creamy relaxing foods, such a ice cream, milk products or oily foods.

If you are craving chips or pretzels, it may be the crunch that you actually desire. I think when the body wants crunch it’s probably because you are not chewing enough.

You get my point…the list goes on and on…but what I’d like you to consider most are your Non-Food Cravings!

Sometimes we also crave food for emotional reasons. Maybe we are looking for excitement in our lives or looking for comfort after a stressful situation. This nourishment is a kind of emotional feeding,. It’s not really about the food, but about the emotion it creates.

Are you craving entertainment? We often use food to distract us from boredom. It’s important to decipher true cravings from eating as a form of entertainment.

Are you craving a Hug? One of the biggest problems with diets today is that people attribute their cravings to appetite and hunger, when these cries are usually from another part of their being that is starving. These cravings have nothing to do with physical nutrition. They are for love, affection and fulfillment. food can fill you, but not fulfill you.

Are you craving Movement? Stress, hard work and lots of thinking create tension in the body, which can lead to chronic aches, tightness and constipation. Many people try to alleviate these symptoms with alcohol and sugar, which only serve to dampen their unease and anesthetize the body. Exercise is an ideal way of releasing a build up of physical tension.

Your Body Loves You, Unconditionally

Physical health is the foundation of our lives. Once we free ourselves from extreme foods, the healing mechanisms of the body can be harnessed to overcome our deeper physical and emotional issues. That’s when healing miracles happen.

I hope this was helpful and like I said you can go back to just this past weekend where I posted how to do a 5 day sugar challenge and a 3 day plant based reset…Also if you would like to receive my healthy tips newsletter hit me up with a DM and send me your email address to be added to my list. And if you would like more personalized support and accountability, that’s my job and I’m sticking to it. Let me know how I can help.

To your most fabulous life,