Hi Friends, This is DD Devin of Deevine Intervention Lifestyle & Nutrition Health Coaching with my Wednesday’s Walk Your Talk, Women’s Wisdom on What Works and What Doesn’t…. I have a quickie video for you today….As I came out of my meditation practice, I thought, you know, I think I’m going to talk about meditation this week on my Walk Your Talk live.

Getting back into my meditation practice…I took some time out of it, because I got busy and been working on moving and redecorating my new home, and all kinds of good excuses and getting back into it, hasn’t been easy!

And, that’s true for anything we get out of for awhile….bringing that habit back is sometimes challenging. Which is why I always encourage anyone, when you’re starting a new practice to do it for 40 days straight…because, if you actually do it for 40 days, in a row, it turns from a Discipline into a Habit!  So I’m back into that practice with meditation…

So, meditation, let’s talk about it! Do you meditate regularly? If you do, you Know how invaluable it is to your well-being. I found for me, it completely sets my day. It helps with my anxiety, it helps me not be over-reactive, it helps me be clear, it helps me with my creativity, And, it helps me show up intuitively, for myself and my clients and anyone that I’m talking to.

So, if you don’t meditate, you “Quote/Unquote” know you should. But you can’t seem to start, or stick to a regular practice, you don’t know What to do, you get Frustrated, think you’re doing it wrong…

There’s a Ton of research that shows the positive impact of meditation….Especially on our health, our productivity, our sleep and even our weight! We Know it’s a great way to calm anxiety, and tap into our intuition but when it comes to actually doing it, we often face resistance.

I get asked a lot about how to meditate or how to keep meditating. People think the biggest reason they have trouble meditating is because they can’t stop their thoughts. However, that isn’t the biggest block. There are Two Deeper reasons why meditating is hard.

So, the first block is, Unprocessed, Emotional, Stuff! Sadness we’ve stuffed away, anger we’ve repressed, shame we’ve kept hidden. When we get still, and look within, we may begin to Feel emotions we’ve blocked away for years, which can be scary. So, we quickly allow ourselves to be distracted and jump out of meditation before we even start.

To overcome this block, Emotional Release work is needed. We may need to physically need to hit or scream into a few pillows Before we hit the meditation pillow….and until then, it’s truly more like torture!

The second block to meditating is negative self-talk! Getting quiet can be more challenging if you have to listen to the voice of your inner critic. The quieter you get, the more the inner critic picks and nags. I have a lot of clients who resist meditation, because listening to themselves is Painful! They’d rather work, eat, watch tv, shop, or…get on social media. So, what’s the solution? Work on your Self-Talk! Throughout the day, practice redirecting your thoughts towards, affirming, Positive thoughts, instead of being so hard on yourself.

The nicer you are to yourself, the more pleasant your experience of meditation will be. You can even make redirecting your self-talk, Part of your meditation practice.

Sit still for a minimum of 5 minutes, listen to your breath, every time a negative, critical or fearful thought comes up, repeat:  I Love and Accept Myself Exactly as I Am, All is Well!

One of the biggest excuses I hear from people not doing meditation is; “Well, I just sit and I Think! I can’t seem to still my mind!”  All the More reason to Meditate! That’s like when I ask people if they do yoga, and they say, “Oh, I’m not flexible, I can’t do it.”  All the more reason to do yogaJ

So, the busier your mind is, The More, Meditation is Required!

Sometimes, honestly you guys, in my meditation practice, I’m just sitting and thinking…but at least, I’m observing the thoughts. Rather than have my mind run away from me, I’m quiet, I’m still, and I work on being a Witness and an Observer to my thoughts. So, often meditation for me is not just being in stillness, it’s Sitting still, and then Practicing bringing my mind back into the Now! So my mind runs away, I bring it back, my mind runs away, I bring it back, my mind runs away, I bring it back to the Now!

Some meditation Tips, that have really helped me, are to focus on my breath. To let the breath be the anchor to the present moment. Every time my mind wanders, (Ahhhhaaaa), I take a deep breath, and bring it back to the breath.

Another great suggestion, is to think of a word, like Now, or Love, or Here, or I Am, or an affirmation, and let That, bring you back to the present moment.

Something that’s also helpful, is to think about what time of day may be best for you to meditate, so if it’s really hard for you to meditate in the morning, because your mind is racing, then maybe try meditating at night. I think meditating in the morning is a beautiful thing because it sets your Day. However, meditating at night is also beautiful because maybe your mind isn’t racing as much, and it can really help put you into a deeper sleep.

I use some meditation apps like Calm, or Oprah and Deepak, also Insight Timer is a Free app, and they have Tons of guided meditations…so really find what works for you. And, as you take steps towards a meditation practice, rest assured, there’s no perfect or right way to do it, and the Only Wrong way to meditate, is, not to meditate. And remember it’s called a practice. It takes time to develop it.  So don’t set up the expectation to be all Zen and levitating and talking to your spirit guides….if you even get one second, of feeling present and connected to your breath, you’re meditating.

I’ve really seen how much meditation has enhanced all aspects of my life, and my encouragement to you today, is to consider these blocks and if they resonate, commit to taking steps to get over them, and consider the tips and take steps to implement them.

Please feel free to leave me a comment and to share this video with anyone you feel could benefit from it.

Sending you all so much love and many blessings.

Until next time,