Desire is my lover

She seeks to push the edges

in the places where I have drawn

a line in the sand that says,

“This is where I will not go. This is what I will not risk.”

Desire petitions to be noticed

Yearns to fulfill my every wish

“How may I make this moment
more pleasurable?” She croons
earnestly into the maddening

precipice of Refusing-to-Receive.

 “Shhhh.” I reply bluntly.
“Stay quiet until I tell you
it’s safe to come out.
Don’t you get it?

We can’t be together now.
I’m not good enough
for you yet.”

I clamp down on Desire

like a heavy heart

weighting an overstuffed suitcase of

intractable silk garments

Desire is my lover

But I locked her up in a sealed glass fortress

at my own Please Touch Museum

so I would be tortured by the pain of a beauty

I could not allow myself

to enjoy

Desire is my lover

I cheated on her with all the others
Running from her rich invitations into

the arms of Disappointment, Guilt, Shame,

Scarcity, Self-loathing and Despair.

Yes, I fuck them ALL,

but Desire is my lover.

Lover, will you forgive me for denying you all this time?
Let’s get undressed.

I have a request.

-By Stacey Morgernstern

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