Hi, This is DD Devin with Deevine Intervention Lifestyle & Nutrition Health Coaching promoting my 14-Day Body/Mind Reset cleanse that I will be doing next week and I want to invite you to join me, but, to let you know that you can choose to pick your own time to do it.

Everything you need to know, is included in the Cleanse packet, as well as daily follow up e-mail support. I’m planning on beginning mine next week, beginning July 22nd because it’s a slow time for me and I want to do it when I don’t have a whole lot on my plate…so to speak:)

The point of this video, however, is to share with you a few other benefits of cleansing that has nothing to do with what you eat or don’t eat…

But, Why even Cleanse in the first place? A lot of people choose to do a cleanse occasionally in hopes of losing weight, increasing their energy, focus & mood, or eliminating physical symptoms. I like to, and recommend doing, a seasonal cleanse, because Cleansing, will help prevent illness as you are able to focus on and address the underlying causes of ill health, rather, than wait until you break and need to take a forced rest.

First, Another Benefit of Cleansing….is to Increase your capacity for “Letting Go”
There are so many stories that the mind creates around food, the process of eating in itself seems to be what we center most of our daily plans around. What we do for breakfast, lunch, and dinner can involve a great deal of planning. Food is central, it’s what brings us together, it’s what comforts many of us even if we don’t realize it; the morning coffee, the sweet tooth, that craving. The dangerous thing about craving is that the desire for an external substance involves a high-level of attachment, and in many cases even addiction. Just with any kind of addiction, there is a difficult process in letting go of our relationship to certain foods. The great thing about this cleanse is that you are able to clean your slate, clear your mind, and focus on the cleanse.

The Second reason, would be to Make your liver super happy
The beautiful warrior liver, always in constant cleanse mode. The good news is the liver gets to take a break from full-time defense mode when we cleanse. When you give your liver got some serious R&R, it is able to replenish, and you will feel the difference almost immediately.

Next, Increases very essential knowledge of ones body
One of the beautiful things about choosing to detox my body, takes me back to Anatomy and Physiology 101, learning the basics of the digestive tract. Many parts and organs of the body are recruited through the process of digestion; the mouth, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, colon, pancreas, liver, and spleen. We rely on all of these organs to function well so that we can properly break down food, absorb nutrients, kill off harmful bacteria, and eliminate waste. The body really is an AMAZING thing!

Now how much attention do you give to your colon? I was talking to a yoga friend of mine after his class about releasing patterns of tension and emotions that we hold in our bodies during practice. Such as the Breast holds relationships, the Pancreas holds guilt, the Liver holds hate, the Kidneys hold fear, the Bladder, the fear of letting go…He pointed out that most of us are engaging our colon without even realizing, and sure enough he was right! Now when I am scanning my body for where I am holding tension on or off my yoga matt, I bring attention to my colon. Sounds weird, but when you’re not relaxed it’s the first thing to tense up.

Next, cleansing will help us Recognize personal triggers we may have with food
As I go throughout my day, I sometimes have many cravings, feelings of hunger, longing for food. I enjoy eating. However, my trigger was with the process of eating, the comfort that it brings, the ritual that it creates. As you witness everyone around you eating and sit with your triggers, you will discover what you are Truly hungry for finding the deepest nourishment there. Maybe a hug, a walk, a workout…. Pure & Simple.

And finally, Cleansing can Serve as a bear hug for your mind and body, from the inside-out!
It really is that comforting feeling of: “this is good for me. This is what I need.” Like many people that have gone through a cleanse I have experienced some great benefits; increased energy, more regular eliminations, reduced sugar cravings, improved digestion, less gas and bloating, clearer skin, and what feels like a much stronger immune system. I am constantly learning from what I went through on a cleanse. So much came up, mainly a refreshed interest in what’s really healthy for my body constitution. This is the first of many cleanses to come and I am SO excited to share this one with you and Always, learn more.

You can pick your own start date. Once you purchase it, It’s yours! I would just pick a date that you don’t have any other pressing commitments. No traveling, no guests, that you can slow down and focus on your wellbeing.

And, as always if you would like more support and accountability around creating healthy habits that last, please reach out to me as that is my passion, purpose and desire to lead you into your best life ever!

Much Love and Many Blessings,