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I am preparing to do a 14 day cleanse and invite you to think about doing it with me or on your own…The first thing people think about when they hear the word ‘CLEANSE’ is DEPRIVATION! That is Not what I’m talking about in fact, I want to talk about some common cleanse mistakes that people make when doing a cleanse, especially for the first or second time. These insights come directly from my health coaching practice. Over the years of working with clients I started to document common themes and wanted to share these with you to enhance your confidence and inspire you to do a cleanse if you’ve never done one or are afraid to try.

What I’ve noticed is that there are 5 common mistakes or experiences people have.

Cleanse Mistake or Experience #1

The first mistake is the diet mentality. Sometimes when you start your diet you do it out of frustration or self-loathing. You get to that point where you say I need to do something about this, or I can’t stand how gross I feel. I’m going on a diet!

Who hasn’t had the experience of going bathing suit shopping in the summer where they have those bright lights and 3 way mirrors where you can see every angle and it’s never a flattering experience. You look at yourself from the side, try sucking in your belly, gaze over your shoulder at your butt and shriek “OMG!”, how did THAT get there!

I need to go on a diet right now!

And that’s how cleanses or diets often start, out of desperation, or frustration, almost a self-hatred of our bodies. We’re reacting to something without being intentional about it and what ends up happening, is that instead of the cleanse being a chosen therapeutic modality, it’s actually has more of a come from of punishment and deprivation.

I want to teach you to cleanse in a different way. What I am offering and encourage you to do, is to be intentional about cleansing. Decide WHY you are cleansing and what you’d like to get out of it. What are some of the habits or patterns you would like to eliminate? That’s why this cleanse includes an intention setting questionnaire in the Cleanse Manual.

Cleanse Mistake or Experience #2

The second mistake is starting before they are prepared with the right foods and the right supplies. It’s very important to mentally and physically prepare. Don’t start your cleanse and THEN go to the grocery store hungry. That’s not going to work!

Set yourself up for success with a realistic start date and spacious prep time. Included in the 14-Day Reset Cleanse is marked out 2 days to set up your schedule, set up your home and gather the essential supplies. If that’s not realistic, then give yourself more time for Phase 1 to get properly prepared.

Decide WHEN you will begin and complete your cleanse. Put it in your calendar. While this cleanse can be done in the context of “normal” functioning work life, consider giving yourself permission to be more spacious, to slow down and relax into your body’s healing process. It is natural to feel tired for the first few days as your system recalibrates. It is important to rest when your body is calling for rest.

Over the 2 weeks you will also want to block time in your schedule for shopping and prepping foods ahead of time so you are not urgently hungry and tempted to veer off the cleanse for a quick hungry or “hangry” (hungry-angry) fix.

If you’re traveling during the cleanse or it’s your friends’ birthday, then account for that. Perhaps you want to start your cleanse the following week, but be careful, life is happening all the time. It rarely happens that our lives are perfectly set up to do a cleanse so don’t let life stop you. Often, we’re going to have things in our lives that may not be ideal, the trick is to plan ahead.

Consider, how can I set myself up for success so I’m not tempted to fall off track? Planning ahead is one of the Biggest keys to success in cleansing. Planning ahead will Greatly increase your ease and actual pleasure with staying on the cleanse without painfully sacrificing the flow of your everyday life.

So that’s #2 is making sure you’re ready and you’ve planned around your real life.

Cleanse Mistake or Experience #3

Mistake or experience #3 is making your cleanse more extreme than it needs to be. This happens by eating too little, again it’s the diet mentality of deprivation. Make sure you are eating adequate meals. You shouldn’t feel hungry on this cleanse.

There are hundreds of different cleanse protocols. Some are more extreme and involve long term fasting, some involve taking lots of herbs and supplements… the majority of the people will benefit best from doing something less extreme. This is counter-intuitive in health. That sometimes it’s the gentler, less dramatic actions actually yield bigger, longer lasting results.

A common more extreme cleanse is the master cleanse which the only thing you consume for 10-days is lemon water with cayenne pepper and maple syrup. This is quite intense and not recommended for first or even second time cleansers.

You might see one of your friends doing it, lose a bunch of weight in a short amount of time and want to try it and then get frustrated that they couldn’t stay on it or it didn’t work for them.

Extreme doesn’t guarantee results. Sometimes we end up gaining weight because we’re so hungry all the time or our bodies reach a breaking point of not having food that it goes into emergency, survival mode, holding onto the weight and all the reserves, even the toxic reserves because it has no idea when food will be coming again.

This is a HUGE mistake! When you want to get big results Fast, choosing extreme diets which often set you up to binge. This is exactly what led to creating the 14-day reset.

This 14-day reset cleanse is a very gentle, safe, hypoallergenic, elimination diet that almost everyone can do with ease. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, on medication, or have a medical issue consult your doctor before beginning any cleanse.

This cleanse is designed to be vegan, meaning no animal products but some of you may be committed to being carnivorous so I have included some recipes with fish and chicken. With the rest of the protocol I have found people to experience cleansing benefits either eating vegetarian or supplementing with small quantities of fish and chicken. Red meat is quite acidifying in the body so not recommended as a cleanse food.

Cleanse Mistake or Experience #4

Cleanse mistake or experience #4 is Underestimating the importance of extra support and cleanse enhancing activities.

When we cleanse, we often think about the food, but forget some of the non‐edible forms of nourishment that support us, emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Extra support: These can be things like massage, bath, sauna, buying flowers, hiring a house cleaner to deep clean your home before or during your cleanse. Cleanse enhancing activities are activities that help you eliminate toxins. There are many recommendations for this included in the cleanse manual. I just want to reiterate that cleansing is more than just about what you eat or don’t eat.

When you start to do a cleanse, you will get clued in, to how many ways you use food to please you during the day or to entertain you or comfort you.

If you are cleansing and all of a sudden that chocolate or that dessert that you have in the afternoon is not part of your cleanse plan and you Realize you are not going to have that for a few days, that can be very scary:/

The best way to counter this is to ask yourself, “Why was I having that chocolate at 3 in the afternoon? Okay, I was looking for an escape from work, or a break, or to relax, or to experience pleasure.”

So what non-edible forms of nourishment, offer you pleasure, relaxation or comfort?

Part of doing this cleanse is to set yourself up for success from the beginning by Including pleasurable, nourishing, activities such as massage in your cleanse so you still have that fun ritual without derailing with potentially unhealthy food habits.

I have included lots of ways to take care of yourself and enhance the benefits of cleansing in the manual, so you Do not want to skip these!

Cleanse Mistake or Experience #5

Cleanse mistake or experience #5 is forgetting to plan properly for coming off the cleanse. This is so important. One time I did a cleanse and on the last night my friends were having a dinner party. I thought to myself, I’ve been so good this last weeks screw it, I can have whatever I want. So I had wine and cheese and chocolate cake. And once I started eating little nibbles of that stuff, I couldn’t stop. My body went into sugar shock and I binged on everything in sight. When I got home my stomach was in knots, I felt so sick! The problem was I hadn’t planned ahead or brought any of my cleanse friendly foods to the party.

So, In phase 3 of this cleanse, we will be doing some gentle re-introduction of foods you had eliminated. So you slowly start adding in foods. You don’t want to fill yourself with tons of processed foods.

Take your cleanse insights and create a maintenance way of eating that’s healthy for your body and these will become clear after eliminating them and then reintroducing them.

So now that we’ve covered common mistakes, if you feel that you would like to see how great you can feel in as little as 2 weeks, the 14-day reset cleanse is available to you on my website for $97, and is a very detailed done for you Cleanse manual and follow up support and accountability emails!

I’ve put a lot of thought into how to organize this and give you something easy to use, versatile, safe and yet, very effective for getting results that you will love.

So it’s always easier to do anything when you have support and accountability, so I am personally going to do this beginning the week of July 22nd, enlist a friend and join me. Anyone who signs up before this date I am offering one free Health Coaching session. And again, the cleanse packet comes with everything you’ll need so you can decide to do it anytime you want, but if not now, When?

You can join my 14-day Cleanse right here.

Much love and many blessings,