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End Emotional Eating, Self-Sabatoge and the Diet Roller Coaster

Become the magnificent, healthy, strong, radiant woman you truly are.

quit asking for permission
revel in your magnificence
rejoice in your bad ass body

98% of People who Lose Weight Gain it Back in 6 Months.

Are you ready to be in the 2%?


I know you desire to feel confident in your beauty, your body and your lululemons and in order to do that you need to stop shaming yourself into submission and learn to have an exquisite relationship with yourself.

The problem is that you’ve tried EVERYTHING and are completely burnt out. You constantly worry about calories, stress about what to eat and what not to eat and then you beat yourself up over your decisions.

This has gotta stop. Depriving yourself is no way to heal and it’s definitely not a way to live. Loving yourself is the path to freedom.

Life is too short to feel fat, lazy and sluggish.

It breaks my heart when I see women who are in pain give up on themselves.

It is my ethical responsibility to guide you out of these old habits and into a life where you are the priority.

Together we will:


Eliminate emotional eating


Reach your healthy weight


Lose your dependence on sugar


Regain your energy, spark and sex appeal


SAY NO to others and YES TO YOU


Choose movement that feels like an indulgence, not a jail sentence

Start to love the body you have now – not the body you think you should have.

Dee-Dee Devin

I’m Dee-Dee Devin, and I am a master of habit change…


I’m here to challenge you to rethink everything you believe about weight loss, food and loving your body after 50.

As a transformational health coach, I teach women-of-a-certain-age how to love themselves into health, happiness & wholeness, without guilt or shame, deprivation or crazy diets.

You have to stop treating yourself as an afterthought, and start treating yourself like a leading lady – the benevolent Queen that you are.

Here is how we do it…


Dee-Dee Devin

Start Your Total Body Transformation in 3 Easy Steps


Step 1: Schedule a Free Call

We inspire others by taking care of ourselves. You can start today.


Step 2: Begin Your Customized Total Body Transformation

Replace destructive habits with nourishing habits.


Step 3: Step into Your Personal Power

Discover the woman you were always meant to be.


I feel at age 60 a new beginning, every day a new adventure.  Be good to yourself, invest in yourself, spend some time with DD Devin!

Every session with DD had a purpose or intention.  We worked hard on exercises to relax and calm the mind.  DD encourages you to be active, get outside, eat healthy, be more spontaneous, try new endeavors, use your words to get what you need from others, but most of all to live life everyday as a happy gal.  It was if a switch was turned.

Andrea F

Dana Point, CA

Dee-Dee is a phenomenal mentor and coach in all aspects of health and self-care. Her wisdom and experience shine through her warm, professional attitude and approach. She is easy to talk to and really guides you toward your goals using reflection to help you find clarity. She helps develop attainable, measurable action steps that really make an impact.

Coaching with Dee-Dee will leave you feeling empowered, grounded, and refreshed.

Lynne S.

San Juan Capistrano, CA

You’ve put in major time, energy and bucks trying to ditch the extra pounds.

You might as well have taken out a second mortgage to pay the expensive, ripped young trainer who promised downing egg whites in the morning would equal a tiny tummy (it didn’t).

You’ve spent a fortune on making the outside look a certain way yet you still don’t like what you see in the mirror. You feel frumpy and heavy. Burned out and overwhelmed. And you feel your sex appeal slipping away faster than you downed that glass of pinot noir last night.

Enough of is enough.

Shift from starving yourself to feeding yourself, in all areas of your life. Create soul-nourishing relationships and indulge in passions you’ve long held secret.

Start your transformation today.